How You Can Help Raise Disability Accessibility Issues in This Election in 15 Minutes or Less!

September 23, 2007


If you’re really busy, and have little free time, you can still really help raise important disability accessibility issues in this Ontario election. Here are ways you can help that take less than 15 minutes!

For each of these, you need to take a moment to download our short 1-page leaflet on the election’s disability accessibility issues. Get it in MS Word format at:

Our 1-page leaflet is designed to quickly inform voters of the election’s disability accessibility issues. It lets voters know how to reach the AODA Alliance’s website to learn more. Every time you give our leaflet to another voter, you help expand our message’s reach!

  • Paste our leaflet into an email. Send it to your friends and family. In your email’s subject line, you might say something like “Please Read About this Election’s Disability Accessibility Issues” In your email you might suggest that the recipient forward it on to their friends and family.
  • Print up copies of our 1-page leaflet. It is formatted to fit on 1 side of the page. Test it out to make sure your word processing program didn’t reformat it to use more than 1 side.
  • Give out copies of our leaflet to your friends and family. Keep a pile at home to give to visitors.
  • Post a copy of our leaflet on public bulletin boards.
  • Bring copies of our leaflet to community organization meetings and social gatherings.
  • If you are going to attend an All Candidates Debate or other election event, bring a big pile of copies to hand out there.
  • Leave a pile of our leaflets at public events, if there’s a table for brochures that the public can access.
  • If you are a student, bring copies of our leaflet to give out to students in your classes or dorm.
  • If you live in an apartment building, drop a copy of the leaflet in your neighbours’ mail slots.
  • If you use public transit, bring a few copies to a bus or subway station. Hand it out to passengers while you wait for your bus or subway. To approach someone, you might ask if they’d like to learn about an election issue that’s important to over 1.5 million Ontarians with disabilities.
  • If you work for or are a volunteer at a disability organization, get your organization to circulate this leaflet to all employees and volunteers – either via email (to save trees and cost) or via hard copy.
  • If you or your organization have a website, please link it to the AODA Alliance’s website. Your link might say “Learn about the campaign to make Ontario fully accessible for over 1.5 million people with disabilities”. You can link to us at:
  • If you know any journalists, email our leaflet to them. Urge them to cover election issues concerning over 1.5 million Ontarians with disabilities.

To learn more about our non-partisan election campaign, including what we’re seeking the parties’ commitments, and how else you can help, visit: