AODA Alliance Submits Brief to Ontario Government on Final Proposed Employment Accessibility Standard

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June 18, 2010


The AODA Alliance has submitted its brief to the Ontario Government on the final proposed Employment Accessibility Standard. It is identical to the draft brief which we circulated for comment and posted on our website in March 2010. It can be seen at

If you would like a copy of this brief in MS Word format, just click here to download it: 0610-employment-aodaa-brief.doc

You can also see the final proposed Employment Accessibility Standard that the Employment Standards Development Committee recommended to the Ontario Government by clicking here:

It remains peculiar that the Ontario Government does not leave the proposed accessibility standards on its website indefinitely. The Government has an unexplained practice of removing those proposed accessibility standards from its website once the formal period for public input on them has expired.

To fill this gap, we have tried where possible to keep these proposed accessibility standards on our website, so the public can find them. We have received a number of inquiries over the years from organizations who want to know what possible accessibility standards might be forthcoming. They want to find proposed accessibility standards that have been taken down from the Ontario Government website. These organizations turn to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance to find these because the Government has acted proactively to remove them from easy public access.