Read the August 31, 2011 Letter from the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party to the AODA Alliance Setting Out its 2011 Election Commitments on Disability Accessibility

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September 2, 2011



August 29, 2011

Dear Mr. Lepofsky:

Thank you for your letter and for your questions on important public policy matters that affect your members in Ontario. We appreciate you bringing these issues to our attention. These are important issues, which we look forward to working with you on after October 6th.

 Between now and then, the Ontario PC Party is focused on sharing its vision of change
with Ontario families. Changebook is our commitment to hardworking families, and we greatly appreciate your help in sharing our vision with them.

Changebook is the result of tens of thousands of consultations with Ontario families, small businesses and community organizations. All of that input has culminated in Changebook, our commitment to Ontario. We are proud to be the first party to bring our plan forward to Ontario families and proud of the positive change it represents.

 Changebook offers a plan to deliver respect and relief to hardworking families. Please find

Again,  I thank you for taking the time to raise concerns on behalf of Ontarians with disabilities.

We commend you and your organization for the important role that you individually
played in working with the previous Progressive Conservative government to help build the framework for the Ontarians with Disabilities Act. If elected, we look forward to your partnership in addressing the issues of importance to your members and to all of the individuals and families you collectively serve.

 We have appreciated the opportunity to meet with you on behalf of the
AODA Alliance within the past four years to discuss disability and human rights
issues.  This would include 
our Leader

Tim Hudak’s meeting with you, in addition to meetings with his staff members and PC members including Sylvia Jones, Joyce Savoline, Ted Chudleigh and Christine Elliott.

 The PC Caucus has truly benefitted from these meetings and  we thank you for your  advice and counsel. We look forward to continuing the dialogue and
working with you after October 6th.

We look at the last eight years and say it’s time for a change. Ontario families
have a clear choice on October 6. Together we can make a change and choose
relief, by electing a Tim Hudak government. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our dialogue.


Hande Bilhan

Ontario PC Campaign


Stakeholder Relations