Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance

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The AODA Alliance is a disability consumer advocacy group that works to support the full and effective implementation of accessibility standards in Ontario. Since 2005, the AODA Alliance has worked collaboratively with the disability community and with government to promote the interests of persons with disabilities. The Alliance works to advance the full participation of persons with disabilities in Ontario, through effectual accessibility standards development.

What’s New in Our Campaign for the Strong, Effective Implementation of the AODA

Follow the AODA Alliance’s non-partisan efforts to raise disability accessibility issues during the 2022 Ontario election campaign.

Learn About Our Campaign to Prevent the Introduction on Ontario’s Roads, Sidewalks and Other Public Places of Electric Scooters (E-Scooters) Which Endanger Physical Safety  and Accessibility for People with Disabilities and Others

Click here to learn about the road to winning Promised Federal Accessibility Legislation and other AODA Efforts at the Federal Level.

Learn About the Disability Accessibility Issues that Will Be Raised in the 2018 Ontario General Election Campaign

Over time, the  AODA Alliance is creating a broad compilation of online videos. These tell the story about our campaign for accessibility for people with disabilities. Below are links that will help you explore and enjoy these videos.

Check out the AODA Alliance’s Series of Videos on the History and Accomplishments of the Grassroots Campaign for Disability Accessibility in Ontario

We invite one and all to watch them, share them, and use them as part of courses, programs or other activities where the word can be spread. Send us your feedback on our videos. Write us at

Learn about Bill 107, the Ontario Government’s controversial and problematic 2006 legislation that privatized enforcement of human rights in Ontario, our unsuccessful efforts in opposition to the passage of that bill, and its subsequent impact on human rights enforcement.

Learn about the history of the amazing 10-year campaign of the AODA Alliance’s predecessor, the Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee (since dissolved) and re-formed as the AODA Alliance), that led to the enactment of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005

Learn About Our Efforts to Ensure that People with Disabilities Can Enjoy Accessible Customer Service in Ontario

Find out about the disability barriers that people with disabilities face in the health care system, and our efforts to get a strong and effective Health Care Accessibility Standard enacted and enforced in Ontario under the AODA.

Learn about the latest news in our campaign to make elections in Ontario fully accessible to over one million voters with disabilities.

Learn about our efforts to get a strong and effective AODA Employment Accessibility Standard enacted and enforced in Ontario, and to get the Ontario Government to adopt and implement an effective strategy to substantially increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Check out our efforts to get the Ontario Government to enact and enforce a strong and effective AODA Information and Communication Accessibility Standard.

Check out the AODA Alliance’s advocacy to get the Federal Government to create a strong and fair Canada Disability Benefit

Explore our efforts to get the Ontario Government to effectively enforce the AODA.

Discover our efforts to get the Ontario Government to review all Ontario laws, statutes and regulations, to ensure that they do not authorize,permit or require any disability barriers.

Dig into our efforts to ensure that Ontario’s courts and court system are accessible to court participants with disabilities.

Investigate our efforts to ensure that public money is never used to create or perpetuate barriers against people with disabilities.

Read the many detailed briefs and written submissions that the AODA Alliance has sent to different levels of government and to various public bodies on accessibility issues.

Take a look at the letters we have written to the Ontario Government and the Ontario Government has written to us.

Take a look at the letters we have written to the Federal Government and the Federal Government has written to us.

Check out major official reports on issues concerning accessibility.

Read the many times that accessibility issues and accessibility legislation have been covered in the media.

Read editorials that have been published on accessibility issues during our accessibility campaigns.

Discover what we have had to say at past news conferences that we have held.

Explore what election commitments we have asked the major political parties to make during elections or by-elections.

Read important examples of legislation, bills, and regulations on accessibility in which we’ve been involved over the years.

Find out about our campaign to protect people with disabilities  from suffering disability discrimination in access to life-saving critical medical care if Ontario must resort to  critical care triage during the COVID-19  pandemic.